KKW Beauty...


Okay so you think you've seen enough of the Kardashians and you just can't get away from them when on the TV, fashion industry and now the makeup industry. These girls are everywhere from Kylie's makeup line to Khloe's jean brand "Good American" line to Kim K's kids line and fashionista styles. So just when you think Kim cannot fit anything else into her busy schedule she like totally shocks us.

Yes ladies I'm talking about Kim K has her own makeup line now! When does this girl's ever stop? So far I'm really loving all of the make-up that has. Kim does cater to a lot of different types of skin tones; for me as a woman of color it's hard to find Shades that would fit my skin and she has a deep and then a dark deep shade which are for the darker women. So I'm actually really excited to see that Kim K has this makeup line. I love the simplicity.


I will go and test out a few and I will return with my feedback as far as how it actually feels on your skin and how it lasts and how it works with the kind of skin that I have. Until then live life to the fullest!


Stylist Nikki B

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