The New Way Of Life...

Ok guys so what is happening?  It seems like our life just has been put on a standstill. We are sitting in front of the TV constantly yearning for  information from the news channels or we are on social media watching other people live their lives in isolation. This sadly seems to be the new way of life for all of us or should I say “unwanted” new way of life. So where do we go from here? How do we restart living our life in this quarantine new dynamic? This seems to be my every day struggle.  How do I stay motivated and focus during a time of laziness it seems to me? Here are 3 steps I find to be super useful for me during these troubled times.

First thing I would recommend is always starting your day off with positivity whatever that means to you, rather if it’s from meditation to reading a book or saying positive affirmations. Having a positive way to outlook life helps with your every day mood and functions. It keeps you in a positive mood and helps you to be a better version of yourself.

The second recommendation that I have is just to make sure that you are getting some kind of work out it could be yoga, cardio something that’s going to get your heart elevated and get your endorphins flowing. It has been scientifically proven that when you do work out you do feel’re happier. 

The third advice that I have for you guys is to set goals create goals that are realistic for this current and situation. Create challenges that will get you motivated and get you inspired and also get you moving. So I have personally found these three steps to be extremely useful for me personally during these hard times of readjusting my every day normal.

I really hope that you guys find these tips to be helpful. Please stay safe and do your part to keeping the community safe and others safe and we will see you back here next time until then stay amazing and always be kind. 

Your girl, Maddy

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