The Same Old Mall Song...

         Okay so I literally dread going to the mall! I just feel like there's nothing exciting or fun about making that trip. I mean head over to H&M head over to Forever 21 they're cute and have nice little pieces here and there but it just feels like it's just a field of endless daisies. I need individuality!... I need uniqueness... I need fabulosity...I need to have stuff that you will not see on every girl that passes by.

       Ladies this is not advertisement or trying to put a plug in but I've been trying for very long time to find unique, amazing and cute things that will make me feel great and look. And as much as the mass may not want to admit we all just want to look damn good and our clothes and feel like where the s***. So join me on this amazing journey of discovering hot ass bad ass outfits that's going to make you feel good, look good...hell, even smell good 😉... stay tuned!


Nikki B


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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