Top 3 Looks At The BET Awards Captivating Fashions...

Top 3 Looks At The BET Awards Captivating Fashions...

We are lovers of fashion as you all know so when ever we get a chance to talk fashion that's almost all we want to talk about. Did you happen to get chance to view the BET awards this weekend? Ok so if you didn't head over to YouTube now (I mean right now thank me later).  The show was amazing, music was on point and the fashion was just as amazing.

Now close your eyes and picture velvet bralette with leather straps and a giant rose in the center and a sheer black flowing skirt that is sheer. Yes we know "Wow" that's what Janelle Monáe blessed the red carpet wearing; She is simply unappologetic with her being and we are here for it. 


Janelle Monáe at the 2022 BET Awards. Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

For our next look of the night its our fun and edgy fashionista Coi Leray; she wore a fun denim number. I know when you hear denim you may blow it off thinking "denim what’s so fashionable about that?" Well here’s  why, keeping in mind that its the BET Awards which is all about urban, trendy, fun and standing out of the crowd fashions. so its not just about wearing denim but its all about "how" your wearing the denim especially if its from one our fav designer Alexander Wang. Leray wore a oversized white shirt with dramatic cuffs, a bra top, a oversized denim blazer paired with denim mini shorts and over the top knee high denim boots and she completed the look with a glittery silver statement necklace. Done in perfect Coi Leray taste and we love it.


Coi Leray in double denim at the 2022 BET Awards. Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET


Now you know we can’t go without showing the fellas some love. They did not disappoint they showed up and they completely understood the assigment. Now there was one that stood out to us and thats  the amazing Skyh Alvester Black. Black wore a two tone aqua suit paired with boots and most importantly shirtless :)... ok attention back to the suit ladies, we comploetley loved how the aqua color just popped out on the red carpet to just grab your attention. Black wore a black and silver matellic boots by Guiseppe Zanotti. To complete his look Black wore layers of silver chains by David Yurman. And honestly I want to rock this suit myself with some cute heels. 

Skyh Alvester Black attends the 2022 BET Awards. Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for BET

There you have it ladies and gents these are our top 3 looks of the night. Now take it and run with it :) until next time.

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