About Us

Two Sisters.

One Problem.


Tired of shopping at stores only opened at inconvenient hours with bland clothing available? Blanc Love was created by sisters, Medaline and Merline Blanc, for the girl struggling to put together the clothes that will make them look fabulous. Here, we are a one-stop shop. Get your clothes, shoes, accessories, and even hair, all in one place. But Blanc Love isn't about its store - it's about its service. We are here to serve you. Your opinions matter. Who says you can't be treated like a celebrity? You're more than a number - you're a member of a family. You are treated like the queen you are. With a glass of champagne, you will sit down with our in-house celebrity stylist and put together your outfit.

And you can do this all the time.

We work with you to make whatever you buy look good. Come get your BLANC Love experience.



With love,