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Rihanna at Coachella

Ok so its no secret that we love us some Riri and after seeing her at coachella we love her even more.. Riri wore a super dope surgical mask the songstress added a bedazzled surgical mask, because if you're going to to protect yourself from pollutants at a music festival, you might as well do it in style. She wore sexy denim dress with high splits on both side and thigh high boot in all white. Trendsetter is a understatement! Talking about a bold fashion statement..Riri never disappoints!  

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The Same Old Mall Song...

         Okay so I literally dread going to the mall! I just feel like there's nothing exciting or fun about making that trip. I mean head over to H&M head over to Forever 21 they're cute and have nice little pieces here and there but it just feels like it's just a field of endless daisies. I need individuality!... I need uniqueness... I need fabulosity...I need to have stuff that you will not see on every girl that passes by.        Ladies this is not advertisement or trying to put a plug in but I've been trying for very long time to find unique, amazing and cute things that will make me feel great and...

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